Our Little Black Dress

Put it on, see how it feels.

Open Spaces

we'd nevermakeit

Hair: Truth: Josette

Makeup: Elysian: Ruined Eye Makeup II @ Thrift Shop

Dress: Epoch: Universe Dress @ Kinky Monthly 

Shoes: Reign: Glitter Partition Pumps Black

Life Goes On Even Without You



Hair: Spellbound + Antisocialite: Hellicious

Tattoo: Things: Porsenna

Top: PixiCat: Flirty Top Black –Collab88

Skirt: Bueno: Spring Skirt Black

Stockings: SU!: Lady Rebel Nylon Tights

Boots: Reign: Marylin Boots Black

Break Time <3


So I’ve been contemplating this for a long time but I have decided to take a step back from blogging. I’ve been blogging for so long in second life, it’s part of the only thing I really know. But since this passed November, I have lost my way in second life. I don’t have the desire for it as much and I have lost some great friends/ connections that I want to try to gain back. I want to thank my sponsors for allowing me to be a part of their amazing designs. I will probably be on to blog out a couple times every so often till I get my new laptop! I hope once I get a new computer my love for blogging will return but for now I need to take some time for me ❤



Bring All The Meeces To The Yard


Hair: Truth: Josette

Dress: Bishes Inc: Cosy Dress Black @ The Winter Trend 12/4

Stockings: SU! : Lady Rebel Nylon Tights #04

Heels: Ransom: Dark Prophecy Platforms Plain @ Black Craft 12/1

AntiSocialite Girl


Hair: Spellbound : Antisocialite Hellicious

Sweater: Ninety: Cross Sweater

Shorts: SU!: B Boop Shorts

Socks: Ransom: Occult Socks Plain @ Black Craft 12/1

Heels: Ransom: Dark Prophecy Platform Plain @ Black Craft 12/1


Winter Lies

hate this

Hair: little bones: Cashmere The Brunette

Lipstick: Epoch: Liar Lipstick Pink -Coming Soon-

Top: Eaters Coma: Crop Hoodie Short

Skirt: Bishes Inc: Comfy Skirt Black

Save Me From This


Hair: little bones: Psycho

Lipstick: Epoch: Digi Lipsticks Cherries

Dress: FY: Tiana Dress Black @ Lubbly Jubbles 11/15

Heels: Reign: Glitter Partition Pumps

Deep Skies


Hair:Little Bones: Cashmere

Piercing: Punch: Double Chain @ Suicide Dollz

Top: Joli: Sweet Speculation Top Blue @ Suicide Dollz 

Leggings: Epoch: Frenchie Leggings Black @ Suicide Dollz

Heels: Reign: Madeline Boots

Epoch Autumn Sale



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