“Ok so as most of you on my list know gglr or a lesbian club has friday themed events, this friday 7/12/13 the even is 80’s night. Not only is it 80’s night it is also going to be a part of help save Kaddy Fray who is not just my best friend but also my sister or as i call her sisserfayce. As of now she is going threw a hard time, funny how life works huh? So we will be raising money so that she can get a place and not be living in a car, if you would like to donate money please come out and join us for some crazy outfits and possibly some 80’s tunes. Or you can donate here and it will go into paypal and wired to her, even if its a little bit of money or just read this thank you very much http://www.gofundme.com/3jajnk ” Taken from Facebook