I hope you all haven’t forgotton about us!! A little update is that I Kaddy Fray will be returning to Sl soon! Yay! I’m so excited and wish it was now! Once I am back, I will be returning back to blogging as well! Hopefully while I was gone I haven’t lost too many stores that I love! But what can you do when your sleeping out of a car right? Anyways, Life is slowly getting better and hope to be reunited with everyone in the next coming weeks!


In the meantime I would love it if a few other bloggers wanted to join the site to keep our stats going as well as the site! This site is my baby and would hate to see it down fall! So if anyone is interested you can message me on Sl facebook orĀ on flicker!


Hope to see you all soon!

Love always,

Kaddy Fray