Our Little Black Dress

Put it on, see how it feels.


September 2013

Save Me

Horns: Mes Sucreries
Lingere: *Fishy Strawberry* Soignee Lingerie – Pearl
Tears: .:Glossy Make up:.
Eye Make-Up: Corvus : Insomnia Makeup


Sometimes things are so alluring and darkly delectable that you just want to Succumb….

Tattoo: Endless Pain Tattoos
Cuffs and Dog chain: DeliciouS
Fingerless Goves: Shi Gacha
Taped Guts: Sinistyle

Ass so fat, need a lap dance.



Kaddy makes me do things. Unspeakable things. Like.. blogging.

I’ve begged SL for a mesh ass since mesh came out and….. IT’S FINALLY HERE!

I’m excited and so is my anus.

So please carry your now insignificant butts to Linc and join in my excitement!

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